Patient Health Care Journal

Hartford Hospital is committed to providing the best and safest patient experience.

We believe that actively involving patients and families in their own care improves the patient’s experience of the hospital and overall patient safety. When patients are engaged as active participants in their own care, they are more informed of treatment choices and possible complications.

Patients and their families can be an important source of feedback because, with their unique perspective, they often observe things that are important to support care and patient safety.

This “Patient Health Care Journal” is a tool that we have developed to improve communication among staff, patients and families.

This journal provides a vehicle to enable the hospital to share important information with patients and families. In addition, it provides a place for patients, families and staff to write down questions, important care points and share information among family members. This journal will encourage you to become more involved in your care and partner with the hospital staff to identify priorities in daily care.

You will receive a copy of the journal as a patient at Hartford Hospital, but anyone can download and use it.

Download the Patient Health Care Journal


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