Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health’s mission is to improve the health of communities, both domestically and abroad, through excellent and innovative clinical care, education, and research, while building sustainable relationships with its partner organizations.



Inside This Section:

About Us
The Center for Global Health supports and facilitates global health work for Hartford Hospital caregivers, creating lasting partnerships and strengthening the opportunity to provide world-wide impact for many eager volunteers.

Domestic Health
Improving Global Health: Starting at Home.

Medical Missions
The Center for Global Health looks to support and plan independently sponsored domestic and international medical missions.

Our focus is maximizing industry and professional partnerships with the Center for Global Health.

Get Involved
Hartford Hospital has a history of leadership in providing volunteer health services both domestically and abroad.

Medical Supplies & Equipment
If you are planning a mission trip and would like to have the use of items from the medical supplies and equipment program, please fill out a medical supplies and equipment request form.