HHC Fluoroscopy Radiation Safety Training

Review the presentations and watch the following three videos. Videos can be viewed on any platform (PC, tablet, phone).

After you have reviewed these materials, please complete the attestation. Be sure to print out the attestation and fill in your name.

Send the attestation along with your name via your Medical Director to all Medical Staff Office(s) to which you are applying for privileges.

For questions regarding these courses, contact Bette Blakenship, Radiation Safety Officer, 860.972.2676 or click here.

Part 1: Fluoroscopy Equipment Use: Introduction

  • The Joint Commission has issued new Standards effective 1/1/19 that govern the use of fluoroscopy. There are many changes, but the key ones are that training must include certain specific components and must occur annually for all providers holding the privilege. Please review these changes in the presentation.

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Part 2: Mobile Fluoroscopic C-ARMs: Use and Radiation Safety

  • The nature of radiation and radiation risk
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Particle behavior of EMR
  • Wave-Particle Duality
  • Radiation units
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Working hypothesis
  • Occupational radiation dose limits

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Part 3: Mobile Fluoroscopic C-ARMs

  • Two types of C-arms: Full and Mini
  • X-ray tube circuits and controls
  • Receptor: Image intensifier
  • Fluoroscopic image
  • Intensifier magnification modes
  • Reduced radiation dose modes
  • X-ray beam collision
  • Fluoroscopic C-arms: Summary

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Part 4: Patient and Operator Radiation Protection

  • Proper patient positioning
  • Mini-C patient positioning
  • Minimizing patient, occupational and operator radiation dose
  • Radiation protection guidelines
  • Summary: Using fluoroscopic C-arms

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Part 5: Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems & Imaging Safety

  • All individuals using fluoroscopic devices or directing others to use fluoroscopic devices will review device options, device set-up, and documentation of radiation dose information in the following presentation.

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Part 6: Attestation

  • Be sure to print out the ATTESTATION.
  • The certificate must be sent to the Medical Staff Office (via your Medical Director) for completion of privileges. ONLY THEN will your name appear as an Approved Fluoroscopy User.