Susan D. Flynn Oncology Nursing Fellowship

The Susan D. Flynn Oncology Nursing Fellowship Program is intended to help stimulate the career interest and foster the professional development of potential Oncology Nurses. The program is focused on the critically important field of Oncology Nursing. The Fellowship will enhance the student’s core clinical education through direct observation of Oncology patient care and exposure to related patient care duties and services that typify Oncology nurses’ valuable role and important inter-relationships with other members of the healthcare team. Opportunities to attend various pertinent internal educational programs and meetings with key staff members at Hartford Hospital will provide additional learning experiences for the student nurse.

Program Scope:
The Fellowship program includes a comprehensive scope of direct observational and learning experiences, including exposure to:

  • Oncology Nursing (roles/responsibilities, applied practice, career opportunities)
  • Medical Surgical Oncology (principles of patient care, treatment plans, key policies/procedures, patient education)
  • Cancer Clinical Research/Clinical Trials
  • Oncology Office/Functional Organization (organization, functions, roles/responsibilities)
  • Palliative Care Department (patient and family support, organization, functions, roles/responsibilities)
  • Infusion Services and Radiation Oncology (including pediatrics)
  • Home Hospice Services
  • Patient Support Programs (including Navigation Services)
  • Interdisciplinary Team: Physical Therapy, Integrative Medicine, Dietician, Pastoral Care,
  • Social Services

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