At the Bone & Joint Institute, our orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists work closely with our anesthesiologists during your surgery.

All of our anesthesiologists are board certified in anesthesia and fellowship-trained in regional anesthesia and pain management. Our team has one goal in mind: to keep you safe and comfortable during and after your procedure.

Techniques for Fewer Risks and Faster Recovery

Patients having orthopedic surgery benefit from specialized techniques that make recovery faster and safer. Our anesthesiologists use regional anesthetics including spinal anesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks.

These types of anesthetics minimize the impact on motor function and maximize pain management. This means patients get moving sooner, have a lower risk of post-surgical complications like blood clots and bleeding, and have a reduced need for narcotics and all the side effects that come along with them.

For spine surgeries, specialized anesthetic techniques are used to allow for monitoring of nerve function during surgery.

If patients have heart problems or conditions like sleep apnea, our team is well-equipped with specialized training and experience to minimize any risks while under anesthesia.

Attentive Care to PREPARE you for Surgery

When you participate in the Bone & Joint Institute’s unique PREPARE program, you will be screened to ensure you are in your best state of health before your elective surgical procedure. This includes assessing any anesthesia concerns that arise. Our team will inform the anesthesiologist of any special issues ahead of time, so we can best plan your surgery. Learn more >>

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