Specialty Clinics

The Bone & Joint Institute’s specialty clinics are outpatient centers whose mission is to provide quality orthopedic care for Hartford’s underserved population.

Our central location in Hartford gives the community easy access to treatment for their orthopedic needs. We see patients referred from the emergency room as well as community clinics like Brownstone Clinics and the Charter Oak Health Center.

The specialty orthopedic clinics offer all of the services patients require, in one convenient location, which simplifies their ability to get care. This includes on-site X-rays, casting services, a pharmacy, a laboratory for blood work, a medical equipment provider for orthotics and braces and physical therapy services. Whenever possible, clinic staff support people to overcome potential barriers to care, helping them access resources for financial and transportation related issues.

All of our specialty clinics maintain close relationships with the Hartford-based orthopedics practices, including Orthopedic Associates, the Hand Center in Glastonbury and Rheumatology Associates. We also have coverage from the plastic surgery practice as needed.

Rheumatology Service

Monday - Wednesday

Patients with rheumatoid issues are seen consistently by a board-certified rheumatologist, ensuring smooth continuity of care. We see many patients with problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and chronic joint pain in the rheumatology clinic.

Orthopedic Trauma Service

Tuesday Morning

People come to this specialty trauma clinic for follow-up care after having been seen in the emergency room. We treat all acute orthopedic traumas except spine fractures. We treat upper and lower extremity fractures, except fractures of the wrist and hand.

Orthopedic Reconstruction Service

Thursday Afternoon

This specialty clinic provides continuity of care for people with chronic orthopedic pain (other than in the hand), as well as those requiring ongoing care for total joint replacements, back pain and spine fractures. We treat injuries like rotator cuff, ACL and meniscus tears or tendon and ligament ruptures in the orthopedic reconstruction clinic.

Hand Service

Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning

Hand fellows train with us for one year and take primary responsibility for this specialty hand clinic during that period. This gives patients excellent continuity of care for hand and wrist issues like trigger fingers, carpal tunnel, hand lacerations and De Quervain's disease. With access to both splinting services and specially trained hand therapists right across the hall, it is a convenient location for ongoing care of even the most complex hand issues.

Post-op Service

Friday Morning

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