When orthopedic surgery is required, we get you physically and mentally ready through our PREPARE program (Procedure Related Education and Pre-Anesthesia Risk Evaluation).

This special program educates you completely so you know what to expect at every step of your treatment. The PREPARE program, available at the Bone & Joint Center Ambulatory Building in Hartford, includes a complete pre-operative medical risk assessment. Patients complete the program within 30 days of their procedure.

First, a registered nurse contacts you by phone to ask about your medical history. Answers are confidential and will not be shared outside your healthcare team. You’ll be asked questions like:

  • Do you have a health diagnosis such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure?
  • Are you taking any medications?
  • How is your general health?
  • How well are you walking?

Then your 90-minute visit to a PREPARE Center is scheduled. Based on your medical history, you may also be advised to visit a specialist physician before your surgery. For example, if you have a cardiologist (heart doctor) or pulmonologist (lung doctor) that you see routinely, additional testing may be required.

Your PREPARE Center Visit

The PREPARE Assessment Center is located in Suite 204A of the Bone & Joint Center Ambulatory Building in Hartford.

You’ll start by meeting with a nurse and a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. They’ll give you complete instructions regarding your pre and post-operative medications. You’ll also be taught about pre-operative procedures and learn about anesthesia. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have so we can set you totally at ease.

Your PREPARE Center visit will also include a complete history and physical examination, blood work and an EKG. Our orthopedic specialists will also assess your airway and any sleep apnea concerns, to prepare you for anesthesia.

After your appointment, any required post-surgery medical equipment will be arranged. Twenty-four hours before your surgery, a nurse from the PREPARE Center will call you to check in.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Insurance cards or forms
  • A list of medications, including nonprescription and herbal supplements (include the name, dose and how often you take each one)
  • A family member or friend to accompany you, if possible

After Your Surgery

Following your hospital stay, you will most likely go home with services as necessary. If you require follow-up services, a Bone & Joint Institute Case Coordinator will work with you to arrange your post-acute care needs. You may be brought home by a family member or friend, or we can arrange a Wheelchair Van for you if needed.

While not commonly the case, some patients will need the services of a Skilled Nursing Facility once discharged. In those cases, transportation is arranged via Wheelchair Van (not typically covered by insurance) or ambulance (only paid for with a certificate of medical necessity).

For questions about your PREPARE Center visit, please call 860.972.0475 or email

Directions to the PREPARE Center