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Medical Staff Officers


Executive Committee of the Medical Staff

Officers Department
Nerenstone, Stacy R., MD (President) Medicine
Saidel, Mathew L., MD (Vice President)
O'Loughlin, Michael T., MD (Secretary) Radiology
Sardella, William, MD (Treasurer) Surgery
Nestler, Jeffry L., MD (Immediate Past President) Medicine
Markowitz, Stuart K., MD (Ex-Officio) President and CEO
Greene, John, MD (Ex-Officio)
VP, Medical Affairs
Borgida, Adam, MD  (Chief)
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Einstein, Heather, MD (At-Large) Obstetrics & Gynecology
Farquhar, Thomas, MD (Chief) Radiology
Golioto, Michael, MD (Chief)
Kumar, Ajay, MD (Chief) Medicine
McClure, Mitchell Hyatt, MD (At-Large) Medicine
Pope, J. Samuel, MD (At-Large)
Robinson, Kenneth, MD (Chief) Emergency Medicine
Shichman, Steven, MD (Chief)
Venkatesh, Peruvamba, R., MD (At-Large) Medicine
Waberski, Witold, MD (Chief)
Wakefield, Andrew E., MD (At-Large)

 Medical Staff Committee Chairs

Committee Name Chairperson
Adjunct Staff Committee Edwards, Randolph, MD
Bylaws Committee Saidel, Mathew L., MD
Cancer Committee Piorkowski, Robert J., MD
Claim Review Committee Humphrey, Chester B., MD
Credentials Committee MacGilpin, Douglas H., MD
Ethics Committee Schwartz, Harold I., MD
Executive Committee Nerenstone, Stacy R., MD
George Mead Fund Committee Venkatesh, Peruvamba, R., MD
GI Endoscopy Committee Cappa, Joseph A., MD
Graduate Medical Education Committee Venkatesh, Peruvamba, R., MD
Health Information Management Committee Palter, Marc D., MD
Infection Control Committee Ross, Jack W., MD
Organ/Tissue Donation Advisory Committee Pepe, Judith L., MD
Perioperative Services Committee Shichman, Steven J., MD
Radiation Safety Committee Salner, Andrew L., MD
Staff Finance Committee Sardella, William, MD
Therapeutics Committee Keating, Kevin P., MD
Tissue Review Committee Mandavilli, Srinivas R., MD
Transfusion Medicine Committee Sherburne, Bradford J., MD

Chief Department Directors

Physician Name Department
Waberski, Witold M., MD Anesthesiology
Hagberg, Robert C., MD Cardiac Surgery
Pasciucco, Peter, DDS
Robinson, Kenneth, MD
Emergency Medicine
Kumar, Ajay, MD, FACP, SFHM Medicine
Alberts, Mark, MD
Kureshi, Inam U., MD
Borgida, Adam, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Neuwirth, Jerry, MD Ophthalmology
Lewis, Courtland G., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Bonaiuto, Gregory S., MD
Mandavilli, Srinivas, MD
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Herson, Victor C., MD Pediatrics
Schwartz, Harold I., MD Psychiatry
Boyd, Timothy, MD
Radiation Oncology
Farquhar, Thomas, MD
Gates, Jonathan, MD
Shichman, Steven J., MD Urology

Medical Staff Bylaws