Palliative Care

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Compassionate care of the whole person.

Palliative Care revolves around quality of life and compassionate care the whole person and those who love and care for the person. This means that you and your family’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are considered, with an emphasis on preserving your dignity and improving your quality of life. Palliative Medicine can be provided along with aggressive, curative medical care and offers the possibility of healing when cure may not be possible.

Palliative Care can be helpful to anyone living with a serious illness. We accept and support the choices you and your family make about your medical care and will assist you in communicating these choices to your medical team.


Hartford Hospital’s Palliative Care Consult Service offers the following services:

  • Expert care of pain and other physical and emotional symptoms
  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your loved ones
  • Education for you about illnesses and treatment options
  • Help with clarifying goals of care and making choices about medical care, now or in the future
  • Communication of your needs and goals of care to your medical team
  • Assistance with advance care planning (living wills)
  • Care for you and your family through the course of your hospital stay and over multiple hospitalizations

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Our Team

We employ physicians highly trained and experienced in their specialties. Learn more about each doctor’s credentials and history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I benefit from Palliative Care?
A: You can benefit if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness
  • You have uncontrolled pain or other physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms
  • You or your family need help with decisions about medical care
  • You or your family need support to cope with your illness
  • You are facing high-risk medical or surgical interventions

Q: How does the Palliative Care Consult Service work with my physicians?
A: The Palliative Care Consult Service communicates regularly with your primary physician and other members of the medical team so that everyone understands the plan of care. We provide the team with information about your needs and preferences and establish a process for any further treatment decisions. We will follow you throughout the hospital stay and will see you automatically if you are readmitted.

Q: Who pays for a Palliative Care consult?
A: Most insurance plans will cover our services. The PCCS also relies on philanthropic support to cover those services that are not reimbursed by insurance.

Q: How do I get a Palliative Care consult?
A: All consults require an order from the attending physician. Review how you or your loved one may benefit from a consult. Feel free to ask your health care team and then ask your doctor to request a Palliative Care consult. Palliative Care can be provided along with aggressive, curative medical care and offers the possibility of healing when cure may not be possible.

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Patient Resources
This site provides clear, comprehensive palliative care information for people coping with serious, complex illness. Key components of the site include a Palliative Care Provider Directory of Hospitals, a definition of palliative care and detailed descriptions of what palliative care does and how to get it. It also provides an interactive questionnaire to assist you in determining whether palliative care might be appropriate for you or a loved one. The site is provided by the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC).

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Palliative Medicine Consult Service

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