Hematology/Hematopathology Fellowship

Hartford Hospital offers a one-year ACGME-approved fellowship.

Hematology training includes bone marrow, body fluid/CSF, and abnormal peripheral blood examinations; instrumentation; special hematology including cytochemistry and hemoglobin electrophoresis; and comprehensive coagulation.

Hematopathology training includes lymph node examinations, fine needle aspiration biopsies, surface marker studies including immunohistochemistry techniques, flow cytometry, DNA ploidy analysis and molecular genetic applications.

Fellows participate in the daily activities of the laboratory and are encouraged to participate in administrative, developmental and investigational projects in areas of interest. Participation in departmental conferences, clinical rounds, and teaching activities including residents and medical students is also encouraged. Staff includes five Board-certified hematopathologists in a department with 20 doctorate-level staff. Hartford Hospital is an 867-bed, university-affiliated, tertiary care community hospital serving primarily adult patients. Diagnostic hematology/hematopathology services are also provided for Connecticut Children’s.

Approximately 60,000 surgical specimens including 3,000 hematology/hematopathology cases are seen annually.

Applications for the fellowship program are encouraged from residents who have completed an accredited training program in AP or AP/CP and must have passed USMLE Step 3.

Fellowship appointments are effective July 1 of each academic year. Inquires regarding applications should be addressed to:

Joseph DiGiuseppe, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Hematology
Hartford Hospital
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
80 Seymour Street
P.O. Box 5037
Hartford, CT 06102-5037
Tel: 860.972.6113
Joseph DiGiuseppe - Joseph.DiGiuseppe@hhchealth.org
Claudette Davidson - Claudette.Davidson@clpct.com (Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator)