Hartford Hospital Pharmacy Department

Hartford Hospital is a 938-bed regional referral center that provides high-quality care in all clinical disciplines. The hospital offers a PGY1 residency program (5 residents), a PGY2 in Ambulatory Care (1 resident), a PGY2 in Emergency Medicine (1 resident), and a PGY2 residency in Infectious Diseases (1 resident).

The Department of Pharmacy Services at Hartford Hospital provides 24-hour comprehensive pharmaceutical services. The present staff of more than 130 employees (approximately 72 pharmacists) provides a decentralized drug distribution (Pyxis) service, complete IV admixture, chemotherapy preparation services, controlled substances distribution, and clinical monitoring and interventions. Computer Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) is used in all inpatient areas. A consultation service addressing improving pain management therapy is provided. University of Connecticut, University of St. Joseph, University of Rhode Island, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Western New England pharmacy students complete their advanced pharmacy practice experiences in many different areas of Hartford Hospital.

Hartford Hospital is the principal training site for the program. The pediatric training site is at Connecticut Children's Medical Center while the geriatrics site is at the Jefferson House. The PGY1 residents may also teach at the University of Connecticut or the University of St. Joseph Schools of Pharmacy.