Lecture Topics

Body MRI

Basic MR Physics Part 1
Basic MR Physics PART 2
Advanced MR Physics
Liver Imaging
Biliary and Pancreatic Imaging
GU Imaging Part 1 Mullerian anomalies
GU Imaging - Female (Acquired/Tumor)
GU Imaging - Male (or generic)
Maternal/Fetal Imaging
Breast Imaging
GI Tract Imaging
No Man's Land

Breast Imaging/Intervention

Breast Anatomy, physiology, pathology
Mammographic equipment & technique
Mammographic interpretation
Screening mammography
Diagnostic mammography
Breast ultrasound techniques
Breast ultrasound lexicon of lesions
Breast MRI indications and techniques
Breast MRI interpretation & lexicon
Interventional procedures
Mammography reporting, ACR birads, MSQA

Cardiovascular MRI/CTA

Principles & Techniques of Cardiac MR
Principles & Techniques of Cardiac CT
Workup & Imaging of CAD
Imaging of Congenital Heart Disease
Imaging of Acquired Non Coronary Disease
Principles & Techniques of MRA
Principles & Techniques of CTA
Pitfalls & Artifacts of MRA & CTA
Aorto-Iliiac & Peripheral MRA & CTA
Thoraco-Abdominal MTA & CTA
Carotid MRA and CTA
MR and CT Venography

Computed Tomography Body

Pancreas: Congenital & inflammatory
Pancreas: Neoplasms
Liver: Anatomy & Congenital anomalies
Liver: Imaging methods
Diffuse Liver Disease
Vascular Liver Disease
Liver:Benign tumors and tumor-like conditions
Malignant tumors of Liver
The Spleen
CT of Biliary Tract
Mesenteric & Omental Lesions by CT
Technology, protocals, pitfalls, future directions

General/Emergency Radiology

Maxillofacial Trauma
Traumatic Head Injuries
Nontraumatic Head Injuries
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine Trauma
Upper Extremity Trauma
Lower Extremity Trauma
Pelvis and Hip Injuries
Chest: Traumatic and Nontraumatic injuries Cardiovascular Emergencies
Evaluation of the Acute Abdomen
Gynecologic and Obstetrical Emergencies
Genitourinary Emergencies

Gastrointestinal Radiology

Basics of GI Radiology
Plain films of Acute Abdomen
Stomach I
Stomach II
Small Intestine I
Small Intestine II
The Ileocecal valve
ERCP and Cholangiography
Peritoneum, Retroperitoneum, & Mesentery

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Basic Science: modalities, techniques
Normal Features and Variants
Congenital/Developmental Abnormalities, (Basic)
Congenital/Developmental Abnormalities (Advanced)
Tumor and Tumor-like Lesions of Bone
Tumor and Tumor-like Lesions of Soft Tissue
Internal Derangements of the Knee
Metabolic, Systemic, and Hematologic Disorders
Joint Disorders and Arthritis
Interventional Procedures


Primary CNS neoplasms (overview incl. spine) Trauma, skull, face and spine
Congenital malformations (Phako., migrational)
Soft Tissue masses of neck
White matter disease
Temporal Bone
Spine: Degenerative Disease
Skull Base Lesions
Vascular Malformations and intervention
Cranial Nerves and Anatomy

Nuclear Medicine

Introduction to Procedures
Brain (including Brain PET)
PET (excluding Brain and Cardiac)
Oncology (excluding PET)
Thyroid and Parathyroid
Liver/Spleen, Biliary, Lymphoscintigraphy, Rx
Radioiodine Rx including Regulatory Overview

Pediatric Radiology

Fractures and Child Abuse
Musculoskeletal: Infections & Tumors
Pediatric Spine
Congenital Heart Disease
Chest Infections
Newborn Chest
Airway and Developmental Abn. Chest
Abdominal Trauma in the Pediatric Patient Developmental Abnormalities of GI Tract
GI Bleeding/Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Masses in Infants and Children
Urinary Tract Infection
Congenital Abnormalities of GI Tract
Head and Neck
Pediatric Neuroradiology

Thoracic Radiology

Normal Thoracic Anatomy
Critical Care Radiography
Chest Trauma
Pulmonary Infections
Mediastinal Disorders
Lung Cancer
Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Asthma, Emphysema and Airways Disease
Idiopathic and Immunologic Disorders of Lung
Inhalational Lung Disease
Thoracic Interventions


Basic Physics including Doppler
Artifacts and Pitfalls of Ultrasound Scanning
First Trimester Ultrasound
Second & Third Trimester Ultrasound
Carotid & Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound
Cardiac Ultrasound
Small Parts Ultrasound
Male and Female Pelvis Ultrasound
GI tract Ultrasound
Ultrasound in Pediatrics
Ultrasound in the Emergency Department
New Frontiers in Diagnostic Ultrasound


Renal cell carinoma and other solid renal masses
Cystic Renal Masses and Bosniak Classification
Urinary Tract Trauma
Renal Stone Disease
Contrast Media, Contrast Reactions and Treatment
The Adrenal Gland
The Urinary Bladder
The Urethra
Abnormalities of the Renal Collecting System
Inflammatory Disease of the Urinary Tract
Diagnostic sets: Unilateral large kidney, etc.


Angiography: Principles & Vascular Dx
Portal Hypertension: Dx and Rx
Peripheral Vascular Disease: Dx and Rx
Venous Disease: Dx and Rx
Thrombolysis Principles & uses
Embolization Rx: Principles & applications
Interventional Oncology: chemo- radio-
Interventional Oncology: ablations Rx
Hepatic, visceral, renal angio: Dx & Rx
Stent Grafts: principles, uses, complications
Venous Access devices, shunts, Rx
Biopsies & Drainages: Rx, uses, complications

Miscellaneous Category*

(JEFF RAD/Invited speakers)
The six general competencies
Medical Legal Consideration in Radiology
Coding Radiologic Examinations
Challenges to Private Practice Radiology
Challenges to Academic Radiology
Introduction to Molecular Imaging*
Government and Radiology
Medical Ethics as Applied to Radiology
Extra & Timely Topics
(JEFF RAD/Invited speakers)
Bioterrorism and Radiology

Quality Assurance/Quality Insurance

Body MRI
Breast Imaging
Cardiovascular MRI/CTA
Computed Tomography (Body)
General/Emergency Radiology
Gastrointestinal Radiology
Musculoskeletal Radiology
Nuclear Medicine
Pediatric Radiology
Thoracic Radiology
Vascular Radiology/Interventional