Critical Care | Video Conferencing Instructions

Video conferencing capabilities are available for our critical care patients and families.

In order to connect with the video conference facility in our C9I Conference Room using your computer for audio and video follow the instructions below.

Connecting to the Virtual Meeting Rooms


  • A modern web browser on your computer (Chrome is recommended)
  • Some corporate or public sites will block ports that are necessary for this application to work. For this reason it is recommended to use WebRTC from your home.

Windows and Mac OS-X Users:

  1. Type in the URL:

  2. In the "Person or conference to call" field, type: meet.c9i

  3. In the "Your name" field, enter your name.

  4. Hover your mouse to the right of CONNECT, choose Audio and Video, click CONNECT.

Connecting to the Virtual Meeting Rooms - mute speakers/microphoneIf you have dialed into the conference with either "audio only" or "audio and video", and you have dialed into the conference from a telephone, you will get feedback (echo) unless you mute both your computer microphone and speakers.

To join using a telephone only:

  1. Call 860-972-6338

  2. You will hear "Welcome to Hartford HealthCare's Virtual Meeting Rooms. Please enter the access code of the room you wish to connect to followed by the pound key".

    Enter 294 then #

  3. You will hear "Please hold while I connect you".
  4. After a pause you will hear one of the following:
  • (If the host already joined) "Welcome to the conference."
  • (if the host has not yet joined) "Waiting for the conference host to join. If you are the conference host, enter the host PIN number now." Once the conference host joins you will hear, "Welcome to the conference."

(Download these instructions)

Mobile (iOS and Android) Users:

    • Instructions will be provided here soon.


    • If you have questions or problems using the video conferencing service, email or call 860-545-0620.

    NOTE: Patient and Participant Privacy
    This video teleconference session may include confidential diagnosis or treatment information that is not only sensitive, but may be protected by state and federal privacy laws. Before participating in this video teleconference, please seek out an area where the confidential information being shown and discussed cannot be easily viewed or overheard by others who are not involved in the care of the patient.

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